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Methane generation

Power generation with biogas has already had a history of several decades in developed countries, and has been paid broad attention to and positively promoted in each place across the world, such as the “Energy Farm” in USA, the issuance of the Regenerable Energy Promotion Law in Germany, the “Sunshine Project” in Japan, and the “Green Energy” in the Netherlands, etc. The power generation with biomass energy and grid connection in some West Europe countries (Germany, Denmark, Austria, Finland, France and Sweden, etc.) occupies about 10% of their total energy, which is estimated to increase to 25% at the end of this century.

Power generation with biogas has developed very quickly at home in recent several years. At present, there are many constructed biogas power generation projects of from several decades KW to several thousand KW; Beijing, Shandong, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Guangdong, etc. have successively constructed biogas power generation projects, and obtained very excellent economic and social benefits (environmental protection). And also, the commencement of projects of power generation with biogas from landfill site has been in vigorous state at present.

Power generation with biogas is a new technique integrating environmental protection and energy saving, and for comprehensive utilization of energies. By fermenting plentiful organic wastes (such as distilled grain liquid, poultry and livestock feces, urban refuse and sewage, etc.) from industry, agriculture and urban life in anaerobic condition to generate biogas, it drives biogas generating unit to generate power; and also, it is possible to make sufficient use of the afterheat of the power generating unit to produce biogas, make the comprehensive thermal efficiency reach about 80%, much higher than common 30-40% generating efficiency, and thus produce obvious economic benefits for users.