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Sewage treatment

The sewage treatment system is mainly to purify the sewage and waste water drained from people’s daily life and industry, and the purified water may be recycled. It not only protects and beautifies the environment, but also reduces the waste of resources.

Evu has adopted the sewage treatment system combining powerless and photovoltaic power sources. This system changes powerless into power operation, realizes back flow of sewage, and makes the sewage discharge meet the national discharging standard (GB) after secondary treatment.

In artificial wetland system, after physical adsorption as well as the absorption and degradation of plants and microorganisms, the pollutants in pollution are changed from complex to simple, plants are changed from non-usable to usable and absorbable, and are constantly updated and regenerated. So it is possible to realize the sufficient purification of pollutants, the recycling and effective utilization of water and fertilizer resources, and realize the target of combining sewage treatment and utilization.