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Solar Heating

The widest application of solar energy in early stages was water heating, and nowadays, there have been millions of solar energy hot water devices all over the world. The main parts of solar energy hot water system mainly include gatherer, storage device and circular pipeline. Also, there are possibly auxiliary energy devices (such as electric heating device, etc.) for application in case of no sunshine. In addition, there are still possibly water reused compulsively, devices for controlling the water level or electric parts or temperature, and pipelines connected to the load, etc. On the basis of circulating methods, solar energy hot water system may be divided into two kinds:

1. Natural circulation type:
Such type of storage tank is installed above the gatherer. The water in the gatherer is heated and has the temperature increased after accepting the solar radiation, which causes the density contrast due to different water temperatures in the gatherer and water storage tank, and thus arouses buoyancy. This hot siphon phenomenon just promotes water to flow naturally in water storage tank and gathered. Due to the density contrast, the water flow forms direct proportion with the solar absorption of the gatherer. This type doesn’t require circulating water, and could be maintained very simply, so it is widely adopted.

2. Compulsive circulation type:
Hot water system makes water circulate between the gatherer and water storage tank. When the water temperature at the top end of the gatherer is higher than that at the bottom of water storage tank by some degrees, the control device will start the water to make it flow. A check valve is set up at the water inlet to prevent the adverse current of water through the gatherer at night time and loss of heat. Since the flow rate of such type of hot water system is known (the flow rate of tap water is known), it is easy to predict the performance, and calculate the quantity of heated water within some time. Under the same design conditions, it could obtain higher water temperature compared with the natural circulation type.