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Solar Energy Heat Preservation House

Energy-conservation and environmental-protection solar energy heat-preservation house has changed traditional residential concept, and is a brand-new residential form with revolutionary breakthrough, which is mainly embodied at the comfort of residence and conservation of energies, and that it adopts brand-new concept and environmental-protection materials from the heating form to the supply of domestic water. The solar-energy heat-preservation external envelop structure has just adopted the heat-preservation and thermal-insulation external wall meeting the energy-conservation and environmental-protection requirements as well as new type wall materials --- light-weight energy-saving facade panel. It is featured by light weight, high intensity, reduction of self-weight, heat preservation and insulation, environmental protection and waste utilization, fireproof and sound insulation, and thermonatrite resistance, etc. In addition, the heat preservation rate of solar energy heat-preservation houses has been up to over 70% (GB).

Solar energy heat preservation house belongs to green, energy-conservation and environmental-protection type buildings. In addition, it is possible to equip more comprehensive facilities according to different demands, and thus to make them become an integration. The water for all bathing facilities and heating inside the houses are all provided by solar energy collector; the electricity for interior lighting and other purposes is supplied by photocells; after bathing, the backwater is disposed with biological sewage disposal facilities, and water exit is used for irrigating green lands, washing cars and breeding fishes, etc.; floor radiation (ground source heat pump) is adopted for heating inside houses, which not only saves the usable floor space of buildings, but also provides a protective layer for the safety of users; in addition, the roofing is spread with solar energy collectors and photocells.

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