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About Us

Beijing Huaguang Solar Energy Filtering Equipment Factory is a scientific & technological research and development as well as production enterprise, which was founded with the approval of the Administration for Industry and Commerce in February 1991 and mainly manufactures solar energy heating, energy-saving and heat-preservation houses(patented product of EPS concrete block)、solar energy photoelectricitysolar energy heat supplyrainwater collectionsewage treatment(evu)ground source heat pumpbiogas utilizationetc.

To response to the call on green Olympic, and cooperate with environmental-protection and energy-saving construction projects, the Company has built up a solar energy prototype house integrating photoheat and photoelectricity. The experiments in the past five years have proved that this prototype house has fully reached the design requirements and local technical standards, and participated in the compilation of local technical standards.

In 2002, our Company introduced advanced domestic sewage treatment techniques from Germany, which have made up the deficiency of our country in this project, and could promote the progress of our environmental protection business all the better. Through deep-going cognition and practices about the four inventions of this technology, we have made them combine with our national situations all the better, and applied them to wider scope, so now, we can provide customers with “one continuous line” services including development, research, design, manufacturing, debugging, and after-sales services, etc. At present, our Company has carried out sewage projects for such units as the Export-Import Bank of China, Fengtai Tap Water Factory, Xichang Village in Fangshan District, Hantai Village in Changping District, and Shangdi Clinic of Beijing Third Hospital, etc. After some time of operation and debugging, the facilities are all in stable operation, and the water outlet has been proved to reach the national discharging standard through the testing of professional departments.

In line with the new rural small towns and the new building, I am in Changping District 70 village install a solar PV powered popularize science and column, can be used for household lighting, television, fan optoelectronic devices and the use of independent research and development solar PV aeration method of dynamic manner without sewage treatment system (removal rate reached more than 80 percent), by the leadership and the masses at home.

Beijing City Solar Energy Realty Management Center provides after-sales services in the form of overall realty management to serve the customers with heart and soul