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Solar Energy Photoelectricity System

Energy and environment are two basic problems that must be faced with by the human society. According to the report of the International Energy Organization, in 2003, China had a daily consumption of 5.49 million tanks of petroleum, exceeding 5.40 million tanks of Japan, and became the world second biggest power in oil consumption only secondary to the USA. Energy supply has become a key factor determining whether China could realize sustained and stable development. The consumption of petrochemical fuels has brought fundamental influences and destruction to the environment. According to different climate modes, our country’s scientists have predicted the influences of energy consumption on climate: the changes in climate will make China faced with highlighted problems in agriculture, and it is estimated that the output of crop and plant cultivation will be reduced by about 5-10% till 2030 due to the global warming. Utilizing solar energy batteries is the optimal choice for solving the abovementioned energy and environmental problems simultaneously.

Relative to the energy resources of the earth itself, solar energy is a kind of endless, pollution-free, clean and renewable energy resource. The total energy radiated from the sun to the high atmospheric layer of the earth is only about 1/ 2 billion of the energy (power: 3.8×1026W) generated by itself annually, and its power at the surface of the earth is about 8×106W, which is equivalent to the energy generated from combustion of 2.40 million tons of high-quality coals per second. This tremendous energy is extremely marvelous. Therefore, developing and utilizing solar energy in large scale to solve the energy problem for the development of the human society is the inevitable trend, and is one of the emphases in the development of energy science and technology in the new century.