Ground Source Heat Pump

Ground source heat pump is a heat supply and refrigeration unit which uses the energies obtained from ground soil, rock stratum, ground water, rivers, lakes and seas. This heat pump could obtain about 4KW heat by consuming 1KW electric energy. Low-temperature ground energy indicates the energy contained in the soil layer at the depth of 10-100m (generally about 7℃-20℃) at the surface layer of earth crust. Due to the tremendous mass of the earth crust, its heat energy is endless and will never dry up, and could be broadly applied to the concentrative or dispersive heat supply, heating and refrigeration, hot water supply, bathing, swimming, interior planting, and breeding, etc. all over the country.

◇ High efficiency: The heat supply coefficient could reach up to 4.3 (normally 3.5-4.5), namely the input of 1KW electric energy may generate 4KW heat energy.
◇ Low running cost: It is even cheaper than coal-fired heating, since the heat energy from underground soil, rock stratum, underground water, rivers, lakes and seas occupies 70-75% of the total heat. That’s to say, in the heat generation of units, about 70-75% fuels are free. The running cost for heat supply of each m2 building area is only 11.37 Yuan. To calculate as per the fee scale 22 Yuan/m2, about 100,000 Yuan heating expense may be saved for a 10,000m2 building in one heating period.

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