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Pure Water Equipment

Along with the constant improvement of the performance of reverse osmosis membrane parts, this technique has been broadly applied to multiple fields including power, petroleum, electronics, foodstuff, beverage, hospitals, pharmaceutical, and sea water desalination, etc.

Reverse osmosis technique completes the filtration process by relying on the pressure function of osmotic pressure and through the capillarity of membrane. The treatment process of reverse osmosis technique comprises three parts, namely pre-treatment process, membrane module connection process and treatment process. Where, pre-treatment process is also called as preliminary treatment process, and its objective is to improve the quality of water treated, prevent the pollutants in water from causing pollutions to membrane, extend the service life of membrane, and reduce the running cost. The module connection method is usually divided into one-level and multi-level connection (divided into one level and multiple sections), and here, so-called one-level indicates that materials are conducted membrane separation through compression once, and two-level separation of membrane requires secondary compression. The reverse osmosis method, for its multiple advantages, including high ratio of desalinization, availability to remove bacteria, endotoxin and other organic substances simultaneously, and low running cost, etc., has been widely applied to the desalination of seawater and brackish water, and to the preparation of drinking water for foodstuff industry and purified water for pharmaceutical industry, and is specially applicable to the industries requiring both desalination and removal of bacteria particles.